"I did my MA in 2012/13, following an Undergraduate Degree in Classical Civilisations and English Literature and a year out which I spent travelling. What initially attracted me was the theoretical side, which I found fascinating, but I loved that the course was so varied. Making the radio programme was great fun and, as it turns out, directly relevant to my current job as a Sales and Marketing Manager with Acoustiguide. The company provides guides, apps and digital interpretation for museums and heritage sites; since I’ve been with them I have worked with Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, the British Museum, Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, to name just a few clients.  

I’ve been in the job since February 2015, and gained a wide range of experience on my way to it. I worked full-time alongside studying for a full-time Masters and I couldn't afford to do unpaid internships, or take up many of the cool opportunities that were on offer, so I had to take as much as I could from all the different jobs I’ve had. I have been a historic properties steward for English Heritage, a tour guide for walking tours around London, organised tours around Europe for 50 teenage American girls and led pub crawls in Camden.  While I was studying for the MA I worked in events at a hotel, and later in a part-time events and marketing role at Royal Holloway and that experience proved invaluable - but I have also worked in door-to-door sales when saving for my travels and that too helped me to get my current role. Basically I said yes to every job opportunity I was offered and they've all been useful. I knew I enjoyed interpretation, but was pretty open-minded about what aspect of Heritage I wanted to work in so that allowed me to explore different options.

The MA helped me to get my dream job, and it’s a great talking point at interviews - but it certainly wasn’t the only factor, and I think it’s what you make of it. I’ve worked hard to get a variety of experience and I really do believe that all experience is good experience and every skill is worth having."